European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) 

(Founded on 4 April 2014) 




EIFA is a non-governmental and non-profit association based in Brussels 


EIFA campaigns for the following goals: 


1. Restoration of freedom, justice, human rights, women’s rights & democracy in Iraq. Any trade, aid, financial assistance and diplomatic relations with Iraq must be based on good governance and respect for the above universal standards. 

2. An end to sectarianism and the election of a government of all the people, supervised and under the auspices of the United Nations and international observers. 

3. An end to the persecution and repression of minorities. A united, integrated and non-sectarian Iraq involving the active participation of all minorities and followers of various religions. 

4. Guaranteed equal rights and social and professional inclusion for all Iraqis and people in Iraq, respecting the rights of all refugees and asylum seekers. 

5. An end to corruption. 

6. Rebuilding Iraq’s broken infrastructure and a fair distribution of Iraq’s rich resources to ensure benefits for all citizens. 

7. Guaranteed access to high quality health care and education for all Iraqis. 

8. Abolition of the death penalty, an end to torture and the release of all political prisoners. 

9. An end to Iranian interference in Iraq’s internal affairs. 

10. An independent judiciary free from political influence or interference, with the restoration of presumption of innocence and right of defence as central tenets of a fair justice system. In particular, the prosecution of terrorism suspects must be open and transparent and under international supervision, while all Iraqi officials indicted for crimes against humanity should be transferred to the international court of justice for trial. 


European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA), Troonstraat 127bis, 1050 Brussels, Belgium 

President: Struan Stevenson, Chairman of European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq (2009-2014), Members of the board: Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice President of the European Parliament (1999-2014); Stephen Hughes, 1st Vice-President of European Parliament Socialist Group (2009-2014); John Bruton, Former Prime Minister of Ireland; Geir Haarde, Former Prime Minister of Iceland; Giulio Terzi, Former Foreign Minister of Italy; Lord Carlile of Berriew, QC; Paulo Casaca MEP (1999-2009); Kimmo Sasi, MP (Finland); and honorary