International Affairs

Struan is keenly interested in international affairs, with special interests in the political situation in Iran, Iraq, Latin America, China and Kazakhstan.

Struan was appointed President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq in 2009. He held that post until his retirement from parliament in 2014, during which time he visited Baghdad, Erbil and the Middle East on frequent occasions.  Struan founded the Europeam Iraqi Freedom Association in 2014 and is President of this organisation. He has called for the support and empowerment of the main Iranian opposition movement to the mullahs, the People’s Mohajedin of Iran (PMOI), to help achieve regime change.  In May 2015 he published a book entitled 'SELF-SACRIFICE - Life with the Iranian Mojahedin'. 'Self-Sacrifice' is Struan Stevenson's electrifying account of his years of campaigning side-by-side with the PMOI to have them removed from international terrorist lists and to rescue the Iranian refugees trapped in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. The book details his fight to expose and confront brutality, human rights abuse and corruption in Iran and Iraq and he provides disturbing evidence of how mistakes, duplicities and blunders by the West led directly to the rise of ISIS and the catastrophic events that now engulf the Middle East. It is available on Amazon.

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