Let's be Positive on Independence!

The following article appeared in the 28 April edition of Parliament Magazine

The SNP constantly accuse the Better Together Campaign of being negative, so here are a few positive reasons why people should vote YES for Scottish independence.

If you want to join the Eurozone, vote YES. New EU Member States have no option but to join the Eurozone whenever their economies converge.

If you want to join Schengen and erect border controls between Scotland and England - our biggest trading partner – vote YES.

If you want to lose Scotland’s share of the annual EU budget rebate, vote YES for more costly membership of Europe.

If you want to pay VAT on books, magazines, newspapers, children’s clothes and a host of other things, vote YES. The European Commission says that the zero rate of VAT, which the UK enjoys at the present time on 54 different items, including shipbuilding and aircraft construction and maintenance, cannot continue in an independent Scotland.

If you want Scotland to become the Saudi Arabia of renewables and to bristle with giant, useless wind turbines from end to end, vote YES. Alex Salmond’s obsession with wind has already driven over one million Scottish households into actual fuel poverty.

If you want to lose our voice on the UN Security Council and in the G8 leading economic nations, vote YES. Scotland shares in the international influence enjoyed by the UK, in major global organisations. All that will end if we become independent.