Euro MP Slams Plans for Borders Wind Turbines


In a keynote speech in Bonchester Bridge this evening, Conservative Euro MP Struan Stevenson will condemn plans for 68 giant industrial wind turbines in 4 separate sites across the borders.  Struan Stevenson is the author of ‘SO MUCH WIND – The Myth of Green Energy’ and has campaigned for many years against the erection of wind turbines. Speaking in the Laidlaw Hall in Bonchester Bridge he will say:

“The installation of a total of 68 giant wind turbines at Birneyknowe, Highlee Hill, Windy Edge and Cummings Hill in this beautiful part of the Borders, with the potential for further developments at Newcastleton and elsewhere, amounts to the trashing of one of Scotland’s most iconic and internationally renowned landscapes. Tourists who cross the border from England on the A68 at Carter Bar will be horrified by the industrialised landscape that greets them. Alex Salmond’s dream of turning Scotland into the Saudi Arabia of renewables will be fulfilled when the Borders of Scotland becomes a tourism desert!

“The trashing of our hills and glens with the construction of hundreds of miles of access roads, borrow-pits, pylons and overhead lines, with many thousands of truck movements blocking narrow Borders’ lanes and villages, is completely unacceptable and must be stopped. Blatant bribes under the guise of so-called ‘community benefit’, which simply comprise money taken directly from electricity consumers and doled out to supporting community groups, cannot be allowed to sway public opinion.

“Scotland is now home to more than half of the UK’s 6,000 installed wind turbines which have already cost more than £8 billion. These steel and concrete monsters work at less than 25% efficiency for a total of around 20 years. Even on windy days, the 6000 UK turbines are producing less than 1000 MW of electricity and on the coldest days of winter when there is no wind, they produce only a trickle of energy. For the same amount of money we could erect a state-of-the-art third generation 1500 MW nuclear power plant, which can produce CO2 free electricity on a 24/7 basis for the next 90 years. It is a no brainer.

“There wouldn’t be a single turbine erected except for the massive subsidies passed straight down the line to the consumers, which has now driven over one million Scottish households into actual fuel poverty. Together with the fact that we have to rely on coal and gas fired power as baseload backup for the 75% of the time the wind turbines don’t function and you can begin to understand why our massive fleet of turbines has failed to cut UK CO2 emissions by a single gram! Indeed in Scotland, our emissions are rising! Wind energy is a useless and massively expensive waste of time and the rape of our countryside, trashing of the environment, devastation of tourism and blighting of people’s lives and livelihoods is too high a price to pay for Alex Salmond’s obsession with wind.”