America & Russia should not profit from weapons sales to Iraq.

It is outrageous that the US is set to make over $1 billion profit from sales of attack aircraft, armoured vehicles, missiles and small arms to Iraq, at the same time as Russia has announced plans to sell Iraq KA52 Attack Helicopters. This was the view expressed today by Struan Stevenson, MEP, President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq. Speaking from Scotland, the Conservative Euro MP said: “Nouri al-Maliki, the sectarian Shiite Iraqi Prime Minister, has been conducting a genocidal campaign against the Sunni population of al-Anbar Province for months. He is indiscriminately bombing and shelling civilian targets, claiming that he is fighting a war against terrorists. In fact he has murdered thousands of innocent men, women and children in the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi and in the Sunni suburbs of Baghdad. It is an obscenity that America and Russia are making money out of supplying Maliki with the weapons that enable him to kill and maim his own people in this way. The US has announced a new agreement to supply 24 (AT6C-Texan 2) bomb-carrying aircraft with precise targeting capability. These will be used to devastating effect against the innocent Sunni population of Iraq, where even schools and hospitals have been targeted. The world community must stop ignoring this tragedy and act.

“It appears that through fraud and corruption Maliki may have won over 90 seats in the April 30th Iraqi elections, enabling him once more to buy support from other political factions and form a new government. This will be his third term in office, when he has presided over spiraling violence, tens of thousands of deaths every year and a gradual slide towards civil war. The West should not support Maliki’s continuation as Prime Minister. The beleaguered people of Iraq have suffered enough. The time has come for the West to stop apologizing for our own illegal invasion of Iraq and to start feeling sorry for the suffering millions, who have been robbed of their livelihoods and robbed of their future. John Kerry, Ban Ki Moon and Baroness Ashton should stand together and demand the formation of a non-sectarian government led by a truly democratic Prime Minister who can restore democracy, freedom, justice, human rights and women’s rights to Iraq."