Saturday 7th October 2017


Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for holding this important rally in Stockholm.

I want to say a few words today on the dangerous and destructive role of the Iranian regime in the Middle East and the systematic violation of human rights that characterizes their vicious attempts to spread Islamic fundamentalism.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the body responsible for extra-territorial operations - the terrorist Quds Force - under the ruthless leadership of General Qasem Soleimani, are the main vehicles for Iran’s aggressive expansionism in the Middle East. The IRGC has for decades been carrying out terrorist attacks across the zone, including in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

Over the past six years the world has witnessed in horror how the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has massacred his own people, even using chemical weapons like Sarin gas to murder innocent men, women and children, while enjoying unlimited financial and military support from Iran and air cover from the Russians. Iran has committed 70,000 frontline troops to the Syrian civil war although the regime is careful to send Afghan refugees and even Afghan children who have sought sanctuary in Iran, to die on the Syrian battlefields as cannon fodder.

The Iranian regime's violence and crimes in other countries in the region and in particular its suppression of the Sunnis, carried out under the banner of fundamentalist Shi’ite Islam, is what provoked the original backlash that in turn spawned the birth of groups like Daesh who seek to establish an “Islamic Caliphate” while spreading their violence, brutality and hate to the four corners of the globe.

I am delighted that the US government has adopted a  law blacklisting the IRGC. The new comprehensive sanctions that must follow will have a crippling impact on the Iranian regime, where the IRGC controls more than 70% of the economy. This is another huge victory and is something we have fought for over many years.

Obama’s policy of appeasement towards Iran was a huge mistake. Iran exports terror. This is the real Iran under the theocratic and fascist rule of the mullahs, whose so-called ‘moderate’ president Rouhani the West believes it can do deals with. We should wake up! The ‘smiling’, Rouhani is in charge of a venally corrupt government, which has executed over 3500 people since he took office in 2013.

Indeed the visit of Federica Mogherini - Europe’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, to Iran in August stunned the world. She went to Tehran at the EU taxpayers’ expense, to celebrate the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani as he began his second consecutive term in office. Three days before Mogherini arrived in Tehran, Amnesty international published a 94-page report highlighting the ‘web of oppression’ that pervades Iran and detailing the catastrophic human rights situation in the country. Most international leaders boycotted Rouhani’s inauguration, but this did not deter Mogherini, whose constant refrain of ‘constructive dialogue’ with the mullah’s barbaric regime has begun to sound hollow and ridiculous.

In Iran’s medieval justice system women are denied basic civil rights. A woman’s testimony in court is worth only half that of a man. Men can unilaterally divorce their wives. Girls as young as 8 can be held to be criminally responsible; they can be legally married at the age of 9. Women can be stoned to death for adultery. Under Iranian law, women must wear the hijab, covering all but their face, hands and feet. They can be lashed for breaking these laws.

The religious police regularly arrest women for revealing too much hair beneath their veils. Indeed a recent spate of horrific acid attacks on women that were deemed to be improperly dressed has been condoned by the Iranian authorities. Women are banned from attending sporting events and even from riding bicycles! Many thousands of women are in prison, guilty of nothing more than opposing the oppressive mullah’s regime, or attempting to uphold human rights.

This is the reality of life inside the Islamic Republic, but none of this appears to have resonated with some European governments, who still naively thinks that the EU can do business with a fascist regime that has more in common with the Mafia or the Nazis than any other nation on earth today.

Evidence of this can be seen in the revelations concerning the appalling massacre of political prisoners that took place in 1988. The mass executions, in jails across Iran, were carried out on the basis of a fatwa by the regime’s then-Supreme Leader, the psychotic and murderous Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Khomenei ordered the creation of a ‘Death Commission’ to supervise the massacre. This ‘Death Commission’ included Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, who until July this year month was Rouhani’s Justice Minister. As the scandal of the 1988 massacre deepened, Rouhani removed Pour-Mohammadi from this role and brazenly replaced him with another notorious murderer Alireza Avaie. Avaie served as public prosecutor in 1988 in the city of Dezful in Iran’s Khuzestan Province. This new Justice Minister has also been in the EU and UK black lists for human rights violations since 2011.

 The majority of political prisoners who were massacred, estimated at around 30,000 men and women, were supporters of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI). The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights must now set up an inquiry to investigate this massacre with a view to ending impunity and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Instead of appeasing the corrupt and murderous dictators in Tehran, the EU, including the Swedish government should be demanding a full United Nations inquiry into the 1988 massacre

This is a very weak and fragile regime and we have to support the Iranian resistance under the leadership of Mrs Maryam Rajavi to liberate the beleaguered Iranians, who ache and pray for the removal of this corrupt and evil regime and the restoration of human rights, women’s rights, freedom, justice and democracy to their long-suffering nation.